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Friday, September 27, 2013

What is Fine Art?

-It is pure
-It is calm
-It is sensual
-It is limitless (even when framed)
-It is composed, arranged
-It is detailed (even if 100% blur)
-It allows your eyes to move from one spot to the other
-It tells a story

When the majority of all those come together (for the viewer) then it is Fine Art. Good taste is not equal amongst us human beings. We will not always agree. Music seems to be easier to dissect as they have found the code of rhythm and melody that attracts a wide range of people and this might be explained as we as Fetus are exposed to such noise from the get go. Seeing, touching and understanding has to be learned and it is biased by the environment the child grows up in. Each culture has its own sense of good taste and reveals it in a wide variety of color tones and symbols. The family portrait and the herds the caveman once drew in the cave were pure, limitless, arranged, detailed and when the viewer moved its eyes from spot to spot it was telling the story that had to be told. Ergo, the caveman at his time has created Fine Art. The two characteristics I haven't mentioned were at that time not applicable, they came later as mankind has learned to make love for pleasure and pain. Therefore my conclusion: Tell a story and make it pretty so that others have a chance to like it, then you have the jackpot and it can be considered Fine Art. If you are that cave(wo)man then you are a Fine Artist. If you are an Artist that people like and perceive OK, then you are also a Fine Artist. ;-)

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