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Programm/Project/Engineering Manager hands-on and experienced with plastics manufacturing, product development, marketing learned in the automotive and consumer product segment. Excellent Team Builder & Leader looking over the plate seeing the next while approaching the current path of growth/goal to satisfying each internal or external customer need.

Managed projects and cross-functional teams in Germany, France, USA, Argentina, China, India from the first drawing to the finished product in direct collaboration between customer, product development, quality, vendors and manufacturing site. Built teams to establish Continuos Improvement, Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Led cost save initiatives by improving manufacturing processing and material management. Competent with product design, testing, tooling, machinery, GD&T, employee management, manufacturing processes, 3D CAD, fixtures and project budgeting.
Experience with plastics: injection mold processing (conventional, 2K Rotary, 2K Retracting, over molding, insert molding, etc.), thermo forming, welding, rotary casting, stamping, painting.
Effective interfacing with customers, vendors, quality planning, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing

Furthermore I am a passionate photographer which allows me to re-focus in my private times of being. Specialized on the little things the most individuals would just walk by and are surprised as of what they have missed. Photography is for the first a hobby but I will show up with my photos to any gallery that is willing to exhibit my captures. A preview here: http://www.drachenfangerskunstwelt.com/


Photographer @ http://DrachenfangersKunstwelt.com

May 2013 - Present
Passionate photographer of the little things you normally walk by without seeing. People would say Macro Photography Bugs, flowers, colors. I started with a point&shoot, moved then to a Lumix 30x zoom and ended up with the Canon 6D. My favorite lens is the 180mm 3.5f macro lens as I can capture with it all day long, even portraits of my family.

Manager Mold Procurement, Design and Engineering at Stihl

March 2009 - Present
Report disciplinary and functionally to the Director of Manufacturing and Engineering; 3 direct reporting Tooling Engineers and 5 Injection Molding Engineers, 1 Blow Molding Engineers, 1 Welding Engineer & 3 Quality Engineers functionally reporting to me.
Purchase of up to 120 injection molds/per year utilizing 5 different mold makers in USA, Korea and China. Implementation of  ~250 Engineering Changes per year. The facility has over 850 active molds with around 650 unique parts. 100% responsibility beginning with the design feasibility analysis of plastic products which are assembled in the same facility until the final Market Release of the finished Unit, including the procurement of the mold itself. Leading a cross-functional team including Quality Engineering/Planning, Polymers Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Purchasing and Production in an ERP system environment. In short sentence everything about making plastic parts @ STIHL Inc. goes through my desk. Responsible for a yearly capital budget around $8MM and an operational budget of $1.2MM.
Achievements: Reduced mold cost by 40%. Reduced Design Release to Mold “OK for Production” timing by 35% which reduced my head count requirement significantly and increased ability to increase the manufacturing footprint with additional revenue of approximately $25MM/per year. Lead the Polymers Cost Saving Team to save cost without changing Quality or R&D requirements and achieve minimum savings $750K/per year solely by processing technique and material management. Latest achievement was a $541K material savings for one product by reducing the gas assist waste to 0% and further reducing the part/shot weight. I am a key member in the Make or Buy Team (not restricted to plastics parts) which achieves in average savings $750K/per year by supplier negotiation or by implementing within the in-house manufacturing. STIHL Inc. is highly vertical integrated so that 86 injection molding machines supply the internal assembly with a total headcount of over 2000 employees.

Business Development Engineer (Product Development) at Visteon - Berlin

September 2007 - February 2009 (1 year 6 months)
Reported disciplinary to the Product Engineering Sen. Manager; functionally to the Accounting Director. Led 3-6 staff members.
Development of instrument panel, door panel, console considering new technologies and customer constraints.
Customers: Ford, Daimler Cars, Daimler Trucks, VW Cars, VW Trucks, GM, Volvo and Saab.
R&D European Sales key contact presenting the companies manufacturing capabilities and innovation technologies referencing to the customers requirements and its market segment. Utilizing benchmark results of OEM Interior data. Leading a cross functional team including Innovation Center, Manufacturing Engineering, Tooling Engineering, Production Engineering, world-wide R&D CAD designers and Accounting.
Achievements: No1 pick by a German OEM because our pricing and Innovations - Increased Interior business operations with OEMs which were new to Visteon Interiors. I changed to this job as this was prior agreed upon before I left Visteon for my China made mold making experience with Johnson Controls Interior. The position also brought me into the position to effectively sell a product which I could manufacture utilizing new technology which was also cost wise effective - Creating what makes sense.

Tool Engineering Manager at Johnson Controls Automotive - Shenzhen

April 2007 - September 2007 (6 months)
Reported disciplinary to the Tooling Purchase Director. Led 4 staff members.
Manufacturing of injection molds in Shenzhen (China) with 6 different toolmakers. Responsibilities ranged from checking the tool feasibility/design to final launch at the plant. This position was solely to enable me to discover the LCC activities which were heavily advocated by the automotive industry. A paid sabbatical.

Lead Manufacturing Engineer Interior and Exterior at Visteon - Berlin

March 2004 - April 2007 (3 years 2 months)
Reported disciplinary to the Plant Manager, functionally to the Program Manager Accounting. Led 3-8 staff members depending on project needs.
Manufacturing/Tooling Engineering of automotive interiors and exterior assemblies with responsibilities ranging from quotation, design feasibility to manufacturing in the plant. (Hard, Soft, 2Color, PVC Slush, TPO, Textile, visible and invisible Airbag Systems, Hybrid, etc.).  Day to day interaction with the OEM and lead the cross functional team including R&D, Innovation Center, Accounting and Purchasing developing and launching automotive interiors in to the global market (OEM development in Germany and manufacturing in Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, USA, China, India, Argentina)
Customers: Ford, Daimler Cars, Daimler Trucks, VW Cars, VW Trucks, and GM.
Achievements: All projects were in time and in investment budget. Biggest pride was being the Team Leader of a Two-Tone and Two-Material Instrument Panel which successfully launched and has passed its validation in the prototype stage. Unfortunately due to CEO change of the OEM the old conventional technology was the utilized. The Two-Tone, Two-Material Instrument Panel was so flexible to allow only 4day notice to delivery and would have allowed an individual customer to even define its own color/design. I was promoted to this position and I highly appreciated the opportunity due to the fact of gaining technical expertise beyond injection molding and intensifying my management skills in a cross-functional, multi-cultural environment. In addition it allowed me to be creative in getting things done and be a key player of “The New”.

Tooling Engineer at Visteon - Berlin

March 2002 - March 2004 (2 years 1 month)
Reported to Project Leader.
Model launch with up to 34 tools (avg. weight 12 tons and more) for all OEMs.
Responsibility from the design feasibility analysis of the plastic product to its launch/SOP
Achievements: All projects were on time and Current Work Standard over achieved the Budgetary Work Standard. Leader of the Plastics Cost Saving Team with a yearly goal of 5% savings which was always over achieved with an average saving of 8% solely to processing, material management and production planning. Further reduced color change scrap to a maximum of 10x part weight from black to grey solely by planning the hot runner and the color change procedure. This resulted in additional tool change time reduction allowing to change a 35t mold on a 3200t press in less than 20min. from shot to shot.  I was promoted to this job due to the fact I have delivered in my previous job and put in place what was required by the plant but also because of the reduction of off-site group staff personal it was necessary to increase the amount of tooling engineers within the plant operation to cover for new projects.

Tool Shop Manager at Ford Motor Company - Berlin / Visteon - Berlin

May 1999 - February 2002 (2 years 10 months)
Reported to the Plant Manager. Led 43 staff members in three shifts.
Tool shop responsibility for all tool (injection, foaming, welding, punching) maintenance and incorporating engineering releases. Approx. 340 tools running on 64 machines 3200t-250t.
Achievements: changing from a 2-Shift 5day operation with 54 staff members to a 3-Shift 7day operation enabling to reduce the head count to 43 staff members and increasing the service to production, manufacturing and tooling engineering. I was promoted to this job after the Tool Shop Manger retired

Tool Shop Methods Engineer at Ford Motor Company - Berlin

April 1998 - May 1999 (1 year 2 months)
Reported to the Tool Shop Manager. Functional leadership of 6 staff members. Responsible for timing of all tool shop work orders, materials procurement, etc.

CAD/CAM-Specialist/Methods Engineering at Ford Motor Company - Berlin

February 1990 - April 1998 (8 years 3 months)
Reported to Tool Shop Manager. Functional leadership of 6 staff members.
Design of new tools, tool changes and optimization incl. milling path design. From 1996 onwards, more responsibility in tool shop methods engineering and functional leadership of 6 foremen.

Quality Assurance at Ford Motor Company - Berlin

June 1988 - February 1990 (1 year 9 months)
Reported to Quality Manager.
Established initial sample report, incl. CMM programs. Established an incoming inspection for buy parts.
Wrote Q1 evidence book (quality system before QS9000 - ISO9000).

Toolmaker at Ford Motor Company - Berlin

January 1988 - June 1988 (6 months)

Tool Maker Apprentice at Ford Motor Company

September 1984 - January 1988 (3 years 5 months)


Drachenfangers Kunstwelt Photosophie
blurb December 12, 2012 Authors: Andreas Giesea
A Photo - Philosophy Story Teller and as print version by blurb.com


English & German fluent

Skills & Expertise

Injection Molding Tooling, Plastics Manufacturing Engineering, Lean Manufacturing Automotive, APQP, FMEA, Continuous Improvement, SPC, ISO, PPAP, Manufacturing Engineering, Pro/Engineer, Plastic Part Design, GD&T, Cost Reduction, Manufacturing Management, Design for Manufacturing, TS16949, DOE, Moldflow, Design Engineering, Solidworks, Value Stream Mapping, Product Design, DFMEA, Root Cause Analysis, Molding, Product Development, Engineering Management, PML Leadership, Machine Tools, Cross-functional Team, Leadership, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, PFMEA, QS9000


Staatliche Technikerschule Berlin
Bachelor of Science (BS), Mechanical Design Engineering, 1996 - 2000

John F. Kennedy School
1973 - 1984

Dover Elementary School
1971 - 1973


Photography, Philosophy, Writing

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